Basic Mixing Concepts

It’s true that it takes a while to learn how to mix well. We hope to speed up your process and make it fun too!

E.Q. - Equalization

E.Q. (Equalization)

Adjusting E.Q. means that within a sound recording, you can adjust individual frequencies to craft the sound you need in your mix. This helps to get your tracks to play nicely together, but it can also be used to mold a sound into something vastly different than what you started with. Most of your time spent mixing will be adjusting E.Q.

Reverb - How long a sound lasts


Reverb is how long the sound hangs on. Using plugins, we can emulate different sounding rooms to get the feeling that the song was recorded in that space.

This shrinks the dynamic range of a track


Shrinking the dynamic range of a track can help avoid spikes and make everything blend better.