Global Key Commands for Logic Pro X

The following table reflects default key commands included in the U.S. factory preset.


Key command

Available when

Record R  
Record Into Cell Option-R  
Record/Record Toggle 𝍖 Asterisk (*)  
Discard Recording and Return to Last Play Position Command-Period (.)  
Capture as Recording Shift-R Enable Complete Features
Play 𝍖 ⌅  
Pause 𝍖 Period (.)  
Stop 𝍖 0  
Play or Stop Space bar  
Preview Selection-Based Processing Option-Underscore (_)  
Rewind Comma (,)  
Forward 𝍖 V  
Fast Rewind Shift-Comma (,)  
Fast Forward Shift-Period (.)  
Forward by Transient Control-Period (.)  
Rewind by Transient Control-Comma (,)  
Play from Left Window Edge Shift-⌅ Enable Complete Features
Go to Position 𝍖 Z  
Set Punch In Locator by Playhead Control-Option-Command-I  
Set Punch In Locator by Rounded Playhead Control-Option-Shift-Command-I  
Set Punch Out Locator by Playhead Control-Option-Command-O  
Set Punch Out Locator Point by Rounded Playhead Control-Option-Shift-Command-O  
Set Locators by Regions/Events/Marquee and Enable Cycle Command-U  
Set Rounded Locators by Regions/Events and Enable Cycle U Enable Complete Features
Play from Selection Shift-Space bar  
Swap Left and Right Locator 𝍖 Equal Sign (=)  
Move Locators Forward by Cycle Length Shift-Command-Period (.)  
Move Locators Backwards by Cycle Length Shift-Command-Comma (,)  
Go to Selection Start Control-↖ Enable Complete Features
Go to Selection End Control-↘ Enable Complete Features
Go to End of Last Region Option-↩  
Go to Beginning  
Create Marker Option-Apostrophe (’)  
Create Marker Without Rounding Control-Option-Apostrophe (’)  
Create Marker for Selected Regions Option-Shift-Apostrophe (’)  
Delete Marker Option-Delete  
Set Locators by Marker and Enable Cycle Control-Option-C  
Set Locators by Previous Marker and Enable Cycle Control-Option-Comma (,)  
Set Locators by Next Marker and Enable Cycle Control-Option-Period (.)  
Go to Previous Marker and Set Locators Option-Comma (,)  
Go to Next Marker and Set Locators Option-Period (.)  
Go to Marker Number Option-Slash (/)  
Rename Marker Shift-Apostrophe (’)  
Go to Marker Number 1 𝍖 1  
Go to Marker Number 2 𝍖 2  
Go to Marker Number 3 𝍖 3  
Go to Marker Number 4 𝍖 4  
Go to Marker Number 5 𝍖 5  
Go to Marker Number 6 𝍖 6  
Go to Marker Number 7 𝍖 7  
Go to Marker Number 8 𝍖 8  
Go to Marker Number 9 𝍖 9  
Go to Marker Number 10 𝍖 Control-0  
Go to Marker Number 11 𝍖 Control-1  
Go to Marker Number 12 𝍖 Control-2  
Go to Marker Number 13 𝍖 Control-3  
Go to Marker Number 14 𝍖 Control-4  
Go to Marker Number 15 𝍖 Control-5  
Go to Marker Number 16 𝍖 Control-6  
Go to Marker Number 17 𝍖 Control-7  
Go to Marker Number 18 𝍖 Control-8  
Go to Marker Number 19 𝍖 Control-9  
Cycle Mode C  
Double Cycle/Loop Length Option-Shift-Command-Period (.)  
Halve Cycle/Loop Length Option-Shift-Command-Comma (,)  
Autopunch Mode Control-Option-Command-P Enable Complete Features
Replace 𝍖 Slash (/)  
Solo Mode Control-S  
Set Solo Lock Mode Option-S  
Reselect Solo-Locked Regions Option-Shift-S  
Clear/Recall Solo Control-Option-Command-S  
Mute Off for All Control-Shift-M  
Cycle Audition On/Off Control-C  
MIDI/Monitor Metronome Click K  
Count In Shift-K  
Recall Screenset 1 𝍖 1 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 2 𝍖 2 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 3 𝍖 3 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 4 𝍖 4 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 5 𝍖 5 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 6 𝍖 6 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 7 𝍖 7 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 8 𝍖 8 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 9 𝍖 9 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 1x 𝍖 Control-1 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 2x 𝍖 Control-2 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 3x 𝍖 Control-3 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 4x 𝍖 Control-4 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 5x 𝍖 Control-5 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 6x 𝍖 Control-6 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 7x 𝍖 Control-7 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 8x 𝍖 Control-8 Enable Complete Features
Recall Screenset 9x 𝍖 Control-9 Enable Complete Features
Region Inspector Float Option-Shift-R Enable Complete Features
Open Preferences Command-Comma (,)  
Open Automation Preferences Option-A Enable Complete Features
Open Event List Command-7 Enable Complete Features
Open Main Window Command-1  
Open Mixer Command-2 Enable Complete Features
Open Smart Controls Command-3 Enable Complete Features
Open Score Editor Command-5 Enable Complete Features
Open Transform Command-9 Enable Complete Features
Open Piano Roll Command-4 Enable Complete Features
Open Environment Command-0 Enable Complete Features
Open Project Audio Command-8 Enable Complete Features
Note Repeat Control-Option-↩  
Spot Erase Control-Option-Delete  
Open Audio File Editor Command-6 Enable Complete Features
Show/Hide Musical Typing Command-K  
Show/Hide Event Float Option-E Enable Complete Features)
Show/Hide Mixer X  
Show/Hide Smart Controls B  
Show/Hide Score Editor N  
Show/Hide Staff Style Window Control-Option-Shift-S Enable Complete Features
Show/Hide Score Sets Window Control-Option-Shift-I Enable Complete Features
Show/Hide Piano Roll P  
Show/Hide Step Input Keyboard Option-Command-K Enable Complete Features
Show/Hide Loop Browser O  
Show/Hide Library Y  
Show/Hide Audio File Editor W Enable Complete Features
Show/Hide Quick Help Shift-Slash (/)  
Show Detailed Help Command-Slash (/)  
Open in External Sample Editor Shift-W Enable Complete Features
Open Tempo List Option-Shift-T Enable Complete Features
Open Key Commands Option-K Enable Complete Features
Show/Hide Colors Option-C  
Enter/Exit Full Screen Control-Command-F  
Open Movie Option-Command-O  
Toggle Current Track Automation Off/Read Control-Command-O  
Toggle Current Track Automation Latch/Read Control-Command-A  
Set All Tracks to Automation Off Control-Shift-Command-O  
Set All Tracks to Automation Read Control-Shift-Command-R  
Set All Tracks to Automation Touch Control-Shift-Command-T  
Set All Tracks to Automation Latch Control-Shift-Command-L  
Track Automation Event List Control-Command-E  
Toggle Automation Quick Access Control-Option-Command-A Enable Complete Features
Enable/Disable Automation Groups Shift-G Enable Complete Features
Open Group Settings Option-Shift-G Enable Complete Features
Close Window Command-W  
Cycle Through Windows Command-Grave Accent (`)  
Cycle Through Windows (counter clockwise) Shift-Command-Grave Accent (`)  
Select Previous Track Up Arrow  
Select Next Track Down Arrow  
New Empty Project Shift-Command-N Enable Complete Features
New Project Command-N  
Open Command-O  
Project Settings Option-P  
Close Project Option-Command-W  
Save Command-S  
Save Project as Shift-Command-S  
Print Command-P  
Import Command-I Enable Complete Features
Export Selection as MIDI File Option-Command-E  
Export Track as Audio File Command-E Enable Complete Features
Export All Tracks as Audio Files Shift-Command-E Enable Complete Features
Zoom Window Option-Command-M  
Import Audio File Shift-Command-I  
Next Channel Strip Setting of Focused Track Shift-Right Bracket (])  
Previous Channel Strip Setting of Focused Track Shift-Left Bracket ([)  
Copy Channel Strip Setting Option-Command-C  
Paste Channel Strip Setting Option-Command-V  
Next Patch, Plug-in Setting or Sampler Instrument Right Bracket (])  
Previous Patch, Plug-in Setting or Sampler Instrument Left Bracket ([)  
Toggle Channel Strip Mute M  
Toggle Channel Strip Solo S  
Toggle Channel Strip Input Monitoring Control-I  
Toggle Channel Strip Format (mono/stereo) Control-Shift-S  
Show/Hide All Plug-in Windows V  
Set Nudge Value to Bar Control-Option-M  
Set Nudge Value to Beat Control-Option-B  
Set Nudge Value to Division Control-Option-D  
Set Nudge Value to Tick Control-Option-T  
Set Nudge Value to SMPTE Frame Control-Option-F  
Set Nudge Value to 0.5 SMPTE Frame Control-Option-H  
Set Nudge Value to Sample Control-Option-S  
Set Nudge Value to 1 ms Control-Option-1  
Set Nudge Value to 10 ms Control-Option-0  
Stop All Cells Command-↩  
Toggle Activation of All Tracks