Finding New Songs

Finding Songs for Your REPERTOIRE

Finding the best songs for your book is a lifelong journey! Here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you are finding the best material.

1.) Are all of my songs perfectly in my range…
…or do I have to really push it to reach it?

2.) Do I have all major genres represented in my book?


Finding Songs for Your AUDITIONS

1.) The first and most obvious place to search for audition songs is to find a tune from the same composer from a different show so that you are performing in the same style of music. If that composer only has 1 or 2 shows, what other composer sounds like them? You can start there as well.

2.) The other way to approach it is the conflict, find another musical where the character has the same emotional conflict or journey, that way when you use the song in the audition, you are telegraphing that you are good for the role you are auditioning because your choice shows them that you fit that vibe and sound.

Be creative! Your choice of material is completely in your control and should be thought out. It’s the first way to show your brainpower/aptitude for the subject of musical theatre. A really smart choice in material means that if cast, you probably make lots of smart choices in the entire process. 

Song Finder

Audition Songs

Finding the perfect tune doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Here are some helpful resources to get you going. 

If you are auditioning for a role let’s start with two concepts. Finding another show by the same composer. This shows that you can really do well on that composer’s style of writing. It is helpful if you are auditioning for a Jason Robert Brown show, to sing another song of his from another show. Musically it will be similar. The only problem is that if your choice is too obvious, many other folks could pick the same tune, and then you might be unnecessarily compared to them! So try to keep all choices clever and a little obscure.

The second option is to pick a similar show from a similar era/musical style that has a similar emotional quality or storyline to the character you think you are best suited for. 

These are the two major guideposts in choosing a song for auditions.

Obtaining the SHEET MUSIC
for your New Songs


Cool Songs To Check Out (FAVORITES LIST) 

Music Notes
New Musical Theatre
Sheet Music Direct

Guy Songs

These are some really great songs for guys

Girl Songs

Here are some really awesome and slightly obscure epic songs for girls.


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