The Future Is Here To Stay!

Aren’t we lucky that we won’t spend as much time driving. Isn’t it cool that we can keep doing takes until we present something we are proud of? Isn’t it great that we don’t have the opportunity to blow it right out of the gate! YES IT IS!

Except now, you need to become an expert in film. Great, add another skill set to the list of things you are trying to master. These pages will help you get your setup up and running and some things to avoid to get the best video of your talent!


Don’t Overlook the Audio!

One of the biggest bummers in watching audition tapes from people is neglecting the audio. If a full or 3/4 body shot was required then you are probably a little far away from the camera. There are some simple solutions that can be very effective.

If you just need a few feet, use th headphones that came with your phone and set them just out of view close to you! That can really change the proximity of the sound.

Next is a super cheap lapel mic. This is the most affordable and easiest solution.

Next is a little wireless microphone pack. I highly recommend this if you can swing it. One end clips to your shirt, (or your belt and then you can use a lapel mic, and the other little box plugs directly into your iPhone.


Some CD’s would prefer a plain background and some don’t care. What matters the most is that you stand out from the background. It’s best not to be against a white wall with a white shirt, then you will be a floating head on camera! Don’t be up against a sort of bold wallpaper and then wear a shirt with bold print.

Also, crop your bed and/or messy closet out of the frame. If you can’t angle it that way, MAKE YOUR BED!

Avoid windows that will backlight you. This one can really mess up a good performance because we might watch what’s happening outside more than YOU!

Cell Phone
Self Tape Audition

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