Musical Theatre !

Taking it to the NEXT LEVEL

When words can no longer express our feelings, we turn to song. When the song alone can no longer express our feelings, we dance. Musical theatre is the greatest and most collaborative art form there is. It’s made up of so many different talents and crafts and to be successful, you should become as knowledgable as you can be about every aspect.

Hopefully, over time, we will have much of that content here! Of course, there are the fundamentals of singing, acting and dancing, but learning how to interact with the accompanist/pianist in an audition, what to wear and how to prepare material for an audition and even how to handle the call back are things we must master to do well. The best performers on the planet can’t get work unless they are skilled auditioners.

Then, if you book the role, how the heck do you prepare for it? Well, we will tell you!

We hope you find these pages useful and let us know what other concepts you would like to see on Next Level Artistry!