About Next Level Artistry

My three favorite things on the planet are Musical Theatre, Songwriting and Music Production. So, I built and entire company to focus on those three things. I hope you find our content extremely helpful in taking your skills to the Next Level!

I have written, taught and directed musical theatre my entire life. Becoming a musician in my youth always came with writing. I only learned the piano to teach voice and to have a compositional tool. I was fortunate to have the best teachers in southern california in my early years and it is my mission to expand on what they have given me, and pass that knowledge on to future generations.

When you are writing, directing and producing musical theatre, there comes a time when you need to learn music production. You’ve got to record your songs at a professional level for people to take the composition seriously. So I decided to increase those skills by attending Berklee School of Music for Songwriting and Music production.

In my very in-depth courses, I decided to do what I always do as a teacher, distill what I know down the the simplest, most tangible bytes of information to help you take these skills to the Next Level!